Reliant Investigative Solutions is also able to perform a host of other checks to meet your needs.

  • Reverse Phone lookup-$25 ($10 No Hit fee)

  • OSBI record - $60

  • Workers Comp Search - $30

  • Business and Corporate Filing Search - $40

  • Driving Record  - $50

  • Motor Vehicle Registration Check - $30
  • Property and Lien Search - $30
  • UCC Filings Search- $30

  • Civil Court Search - $35

  • Personal, face to face interviews and reference checks - $75/hour with a 4 hour minimum plus mileage

    • Mileage is .65 cents per mile to destination and back

  • Document retrieval out of Oklahoma City -$75/hour with a 4 hour minimum plus mileage and fees      

    • Mileage is .65 cents per mile to destination and back

  • Travel and over night stay will be negotiated. Customer incurs all fees associated with said travel.

Ask what other services we can do for you! 

Disclaimer: The data provided in the final investigative report may be derived from third-party commercial databases and information aggregation services. As a result, Reliant Investigative Solutions cannot warrant the comprehensiveness, completeness, accuracy, or adequacy for any particular use or purpose of the information provided and expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, as to any matter whatsoever.  Provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused by the use of this data.

$75-2 Attempts (within 15 miles of OKC)

$100-3 Attempts (within 15 miles of OKC)

add $0.65 per mile outside OKC metro

Notary Service


Skip Trace- $120

Includes Addresses and Phone numbers associated with subject

Process Service

Reliant Investigative Solutions

Surveillance Rates

$75 per hour (4 hour minimum)

$0.65 per mile